Increasing The Life Of Your Vehicle's Tires

7 July 2021
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If you are ready to purchase a new set of tires for your vehicle, you likely want to maintain them so they last as long as possible. There are a few steps you can take to help keep your tires from prematurely deteriorating. These actions work not only for new tires but also for your existing tires so you get a bit more time with them on the road.

Be Sure To Schedule Tire Rotation Appointments

Your tires need to be rotated a few times a year to increase the length of their lives. If you keep a tire in the same location and drive your vehicle day after day, it will tend to wear at a quicker rate than if you had moved it to one of the other three spots upon your vehicle. Many businesses that sell tires provide free or discounted tire rotation service for their clients, so be sure to inquire about this at the time you make a tire purchase. If the business does not offer this benefit, make an appointment at a vehicle repair shop to get the job done.

Check The Air Pressure Often To Ensure It Is Correct

The air pressure of each of your tires needs to be maintained in order to keep your tires from becoming over or underinflated. If there is not enough air in your tires, you will find it takes a bit longer for your vehicle to come to a complete stop. If it is overinflated, there is a risk of a blowout occurring upon the road. Check your pressure whenever temperatures fluctuate and on a monthly basis. The proper pressure inflation should be listed on your tire, on a label near your driver's side door, or in your vehicle handbook. You can also contact a tire shop for details about the particular model tire your vehicle has if you are unsure of the pressure amount suggested.

Get Tire Balancing And Alignments When Needed

If you find that your vehicle pulls to one side when you drive, your vehicle may be in need of a wheel alignment. Your tires may become unaligned if you hit a pothole, speed bump, or get into an accident. In addition, get your tires balanced when you make a rotation or alignment appointment. This process is done by adding a small weight to each tire to help keep the overall weight distributed evenly.

Contact a local tire shop for more tips.