Selecting The Right Racing Tires For Your Vehicle

17 November 2017
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When it comes to street racing, the tires that you have mounted on your vehicle can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your vehicle. Specialty tires that are designed for racing will allow you to increase your speed and safety, so selecting the right racing tires is a critical task every street racer should engage in.

Here are three tips that you can use to select the right racing tires for your vehicle in the future.

1. Stick with brand names.

There are many different manufacturers creating tires to sell on the open market. While an off-brand tire might be adequate for the average driver, the increased performance demands associated with street racing require tires of the highest quality.

You want to ensure that the tires you mount on your street racing vehicle meet the exact specifications that you are looking for, so sticking with tires manufactured by reputable companies will be your best bet. For instance, Toyo Proxes RR race tires are a better choice than generics.

2. Ensure proper heat dissipation.

In order to ensure that your vehicle adheres to the curves and bumps in the road while you are street racing, you want the rubber used to construct the vehicle's tires to melt slightly during use. It's important that the rubber doesn't become too hot though, or you could experience a potentially deadly tire blowout mid-race.

Check to ensure that the racing tires you mount on your vehicle have proper heat dissipation rates to maximize traction while retaining safety while your vehicle is being raced.

3. Select tires that maximize traction.

The vehicles used for street racing are required to navigate various terrains during the course of a race. This means that your racing tires must be able to provide the maximum amount of traction possible to ensure proper handling throughout the race.

As you select racing tires to mount on your car, look for tires that are both tall and wide. Increasing the height and width of your racing tires means that you will be providing a larger rubber surface area to retain contact with the ground at all times. This increased contact will help your vehicle safely navigate even the most diverse street racing courses in the future.

Being able to select the right racing tires for your vehicle will help you improve both the safety and performance of your racing vehicle in the future. Be sure that your tires are created by a reputable manufacturer, that they have an adequate heat dissipation rate, and that you choose tall and wide tires to maximize traction.